Trust Seals

Trust seals build confidence in your business which in turn increase your sales.

Trust seals are small images or certificates on your site which prove business verification, security verification, or privacy verification.

The way these seals work is like this:

1. Someone visits your website.
2. This person finds an item or service they like on your website
3. Along with finding an item/service they like, they see a trust seal on your site and view it.
4. They feel more confident in purchasing from you than your competitor because they know you’ve been verified by a third party.
5. Your sales increase.

Trust seals must come from a credible source or they really aren’t of any worth as anyone could say their site is secure or their business has been verified.

Some companies that offer these seals are Trust Guard, Mcafee Secure, and Truste.

Trust Seal Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How more sales can I expect to see if I place Trust Seals on my website?

Answer: This depends on which brand of Trust Seal you are looking to place on your site. We recommend Trust Guard as it seems to have the highest conversion rate. We also recommend Mcafee Secure but it tends to have a slightly lower conversion rate and it is more expensive.

Question: Where on my site should I put Trust Seals?

Answer: This depends both on visibility and preference. Customers should always be able to see the seals without having to search for them. If this is the case, you may place them anywhere, some people like to put them in the header, while others place them in the side menu and footer. As long as they are visible and your customer see them, they will feel better about making a purchase.