PCI Scanning

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Scanning is one of the best things you can do to your website to protect it from hackers.

A PCI Scan is a series of tests which run on your site that look for open ports, vulnerabilities, and other factors that would allow hackers, to steal information, replace your web pages with malicious code, or simply delete all of your files.

If you’ve ever looked at your server log you may have noticed hundreds or even thousands of error messages coming from bots trying to access files that don’t exist or trying to write information to your server.

Unfortunately if you have even one open vulnerability and someone finds it, it can be a true nightmare trying to recover.

Once someone has breeched your security they generally tend to replace all your files with with redirects to unsafe websites not only causing damage to your visitors, but causing you to lose rankings in the search engines as well as business.

How can I get PCI Scanned?

Companies like Trust Guard and Mcafee Secure offer PCI Scanning. To ensure the most secure server we recommend you get Trust Guard.