Website Verification

Website verification – Increase Trust in Your Business

The fact is that your customers want to know who you are and even if you tell them they may not believe you.

Placing website verification on your website makes it so your visitors can instantly trust you. Just think of it like this…. You go to purchase something from Ebay but then you see that the seller has no feedback, no credibility, or anything else to ease your mind.

So what do you do… You pay more to purchase it from someone else who has ratings or some sort of credibility.

Trust Seals can provide the credibility you need to ease your customers doubts and INCREASE your sales.

We recommend Trust Guard for Trust Seals because they have the highest proven conversion rate in the market… They are neither the most or least expensive but the best in our opinion.

Here are some conversion stats we were able to find on the internet. We know Trust Guard also has some proof of there stats which can be viewed on their website ( Click Here to View Page With Statistics ).


Trust Guard Mcafee Secure Truste BBB
  • 8-16% Increased Conversion
  • Increased Security
  • Increased Opt-In Rate
  • Affordably Priced
  • 60 Day Money back guarantee
  • 7-14% Increased Conversion
  • Increased Security
  • Expensive
  • 7-14% Increased Conversion
  • Increased Opt-In Rate
  • Complicated and time consuming
  • 6-12% Increased Conversion
  • Increased Opt-In Rate
  • The bottom line is it really doesn’t matter what company you decide to use for your website but Trust Seals are a must. We highly recommend you get Trust Guard due to the higher conversion rate but if you don’t have some form of website verification in place you are missing out.